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CPA in Dallas, Texas

Congratulations, you've found the top Certified Public Accountant in Dallas Texas for individuals and small businesses.

Holly C Roundtree CPA PLLC

If you’re looking for a CPA in Dallas, Tx or the surrounding area, you’re in the right place! Hiring a certified public accountant means you can be certain your CPA has met strict ethics and licensing requirements prior to becoming certified. These requirements are some important points of separation between CPAs and other financial or business advisors. CPAs have to pass a tough national exam and meet strict experience requirements as well as finishing four to five years of study at a university. To keep up their licenses, continuing professional education on the latest business and technical subjects is also required. When you hire a CPA, you’re hiring a master in business and finance.

When you hire a CPA, you will get more than just someone who is an expert at preparing your tax returns. Certified Public Accountants can also help you discover ways on how to plan to maximize your tax savings for future years as well. Need help with retirement planning? A CPA has you covered in this area as well. They know how to maximize tax savings and future benefits as well as possibly save some taxes for you retroactively. In fact, this CPA in Dallas, Tx will help you as an individual or small business plan all aspects of your financial life with maximum tax savings and asset or income appreciation at the top of mind. Having a CPA to turn to and consult is a must if you’re a small business or individual concerned about the success of your financial future. In the end, you’re going to save time, you’re going to save money and if you’re a small business owner, we can help your business grow faster.

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